Catalogue number: 6980

In the cold opening, Mr. Kevin Doody is sick and he has to go to the hospital while Dad went to work at HSBC that the announcer will find out straight after the song. At 6:00 AM, Lauren came to visit Pippi's house to go to school with Clover's friends and they noticed that Mr. Kevin Doody is absent because Lauren is the subsitute for him that it was Brooke's sister from Brooke's house. After school, Clover had fun trying to remember what they watched. At Summit, Pippi's Summit friends watched Poconoko on Internet Explorer from show 3664. After Summit, Clover was having fun playing the episode "Inspector Red" together. After the My Best Friend number Dad was home at 6:30 because Brooke's sister has to go so Clonie and Pippi has to say goodbye. After they said goodbye, Pippi wants to go back to "Inspector Red" some more.